You decided to build a new home...
What should you expect?
The decision to build a new home is not one made in haste. We realize your head may already be spinning from a combination of excitement and anxiety. To better serve you through out the entire building process, we’ve outlined the steps we’ll take with you to complete your new home.
Site Preparation

Location is the key. You have found the property on which you will build. Now, where to put the house? Some things to think about before laying foundation include; permits, tree removal, well and septic sites, temporary electrical hookups etc.

bulldozer Our philosophy at McClain & Son Construction is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We’re here to address your needs every step of the way. From pulling permits to hiring the best sub contractors available we’ll make sure your new custom home is built to your specifications.
A good and solid foundation is not only important for building quality homes; it is also an essential element in building valued relationships. The foundation on which we build relationships with our customers is based on these footings:

Excellent service and craftsmanship
Our employees and subcontractors are first-rate. We employ the most skilled people in the area.

Quality Materials
We understand building a home is an enormous undertaking and often expensive which is why we use the best products. You deserve a home built to last. We compare quotes from suppliers to make sure you get the best price on the best materials.

We work on an actual cost basis. When we give you an estimate that is exactly what it is. You will be billed on actual cost. Should your construction project cost less than the estimated amount so too does our profit and vise versa. It’s fair.


O.K., contracts are signed, permits are pulled, and excavation is complete. It’s “GO” time! Depending on the size of your new home framing may take anywhere from a week for smaller homes to several months for larger homes. It is at this time, that any adjustments should be made to the layout of your house plan. Believe it, even the best laid out plans can need some tweaking when realized in three dimensions. No need for worry. We’ve got your best interest in mind. Should any adjustments be necessary we’ll point them out and explain why. Think you may want a garden window over the kitchen sink instead of a vinyl slider. This is the time to let it be known.
This is when the momentum of your project “appears” to slowdown. In fact, it is at this time that most of the “inner workings” of your home are being installed i.e. plumbing, heating, electricity, cable, fans, phone lines etc. This portion of your home’s construction may take several months. It is extremely important to take time and do things properly at this stage in order to save you from unwanted aggravation in the following stages.


Interior Finish
When everything is roughed in as it should be, it is time to finish the inside. That means drywall, paint, installation of doors and trim, cabinets and vanities, appliances, countertops, floor covering and much more. The works! Attention to detail is a must and that is why we employ the best finish carpenters in the area.

All to often, landscaping is over looked because it one of the last phases of construction. It is however, one of the most important features of your new home. Being comfortable outside of you home can be as important as inside. Now is the time to construct decks, porches, walkways and any other back yard amenity you desire.
toolbelt That’s a wrap!
You should expect nothing but the best! Thank you for choosing McClain and Son Construction. We look forward to working with you.

"I take pride in my work; I take pride in my crew. Each home we build is a labor of love, and each home we build commands my personal attention. I guarantee you will be completely satisfied with McClain & Son Construction." – Cameron McClain, Owner