Licensed & Insured
Building a new home or remodeling an existing one is an exciting and challenging project for homeowners. The decision to build is a choice that requires careful planning. But equally important is choosing a builder who is a professional. A recent Attorney General's decision makes operating without a license a criminal offense and punishable by law.
 l1 Only you can decide which builder is right for you. The benefits of employing a Licensed Contractor are many, and the most important benefit is the assurance that the job will be done correctly. The local Building Code Authority inspects every Licensed Contractor’s work. This "third party" provides an independent review of the workmanship on your project.

As a Licensed Contractor we always retain the necessary building permits in our own name (unless instructed otherwise by the homeowner). Therefore, we are legally responsible for the correct construction of the permitted project, NOT THE HOMEOWNER OR BUSINESS OWNER.
It’s a good idea to always ask to see the contractor's license. It must be in his/her name. Also, check for the proper insurance coverage. Contractors in the State of Michigan who employ more than one full time employee are required by law to have workman's compensation insurance. Improper insurance coverage could result in your paying the bill for any injury. Ask for a certificate from your contractor. Don't forget, a Licensed and Insured Contractor is your assurance to a finished project. The costs of permits are always cheaper than an UNFINISHED or UNSAFE building.
Be aware of the newly enacted licensing laws and the many changes that have been instituted with them. (e.g., Mechanical Contractors Licensing require different types of heating, cooling, solar and plumbing work)

Did you know that in the State of Michigan any work performed for OVER $600.00 WITHOUT PROPER LICENSING voids the  contractual agreement and you don't have to pay for that work?

Did you know that in the case of an injured worker where the injury happened on your property and you don't have the proper insurance you could be rendered personally liable?

Did you know that the basic definition of proper insurance coverage is: General Liability, Property, Auto, and/or Workmen's Compensation Coverage and NOT individuals medical or health insurance policies?

If you have had a bad experience in building or remodeling a home or a business you can contact the Dept. of Commerce - Commercial Services. They can assist you in getting any of your necessary corrections or repairs taken care of, or help you with prosecution of a firm or business that is not licensed and has misrepresented its abilities,  and they can give you information about existing licensed firms.

Call this number to verify a license in the state:  (900) 555-8374

FFor more information Contact:
Dept. of Commerce - Commercial Services Ottawa Building - First Floor Lansing, MI 48909 (517)241-9202

Choosing A Quality Contractor Protects Your Investment And Lands You A Great Home